Experience a Victorian Christmas at the Eldon House

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Experience a Victorian Christmas at the Eldon House

The oldest standing house in London is opening its doors to show Londoners how Christmas was celebrated way back when.

Danielle Costello is the heritage site coordinator of the Eldon House, “This house was the home of the Harris family for four generations, before they gave it to the city of London in the 1960’s with all the contents of the house, which makes it a pretty unique collection” said Costello.

Victorian Christmas reflects the life of this family through the festive season. “The house is decorated as it would have been in Victorian and Edwardian times.” said Costello “Also, there’s descriptions of the Christmas traditions of the Harris’ family in each room.”

The exhibition is set to gather Londoners, and show them that Christmas haven’t changed that much with the decades, “Some of their traditions are still alive today” said Costello “Like in the dinner. The will have a big dinner with friends and family and it would be a big bird. Not necessarily a turkey, but a goose or duck”

The exhibition is open to the public till January 1st.

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