Artists at the Project

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Artists at the Project

If you look around the city of London, you’ll find art everywhere.

Over the years, the Forest City has become renowned for its artistic community – designed to demonstrate that this is a city of culture, and sophistication.

The Arts Project has been encouraging the arts community within the downtown core of London for nearly two decades – housing many local artists – all with a wide array of unique talents.

Rob Nelson is an award winning photographer working out of the Project – who specializes in photographing people and has shot the likes of celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst and Margaret Atwood, among others. 

“There are three basic elements to the way I photograph people,” Nelson said. “One as a portrait-aesthetic, the other I use is a fashion element, and another is the documentary.”

Because of the rise of social media, Nelson says the most difficult obstacle he faces, is setting his photography apart.

“Problem is that everyone has a camera, or a cellphone and everyone is taking pictures, and we’re bombarded by photographs,” Nelson stated. “So it’s difficult to sift through all the images we see.”

Angie Quick and Adam Giroux are both rising artists who also work out of the Project and have been making a name for themselves as some of London’s finest talent.


They feel what sets their work apart from artists like Nelson, aside from the technological aspect – is the ability to blend realism with a elements of abstract.

“I feel that paintings are more of a realm that we delve into,” Quick said. “It’s more of an expression of self and what I’m thinking, and I think of painting as a philosophical venue.”

While Quick credits that little voice in her head for always pushing her to better her craft, Adam Giroux relies on a cynical outlook to give his own work a moodier mystique.

“Art is about taking yourself, and putting it on a canvas, or into a song – and it isn’t about saying to yourself,  ‘oh I want to be an artist,’ – it’s about taking yourself and doing something with it.” 

For all of these local artists, there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to express yourself in an artistic nature.

The artists at the Project can always count on each other to push themselves to be better, and at the same time appreciate the camaraderie that comes with being immersed in London’s enriched arts community.


Artists at the Arts Project

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