Whisky lovers keeping LCBO shelves bare

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Whisky lovers keeping LCBO shelves bare

Canadian whisky company Crown Royal released a new product in October that has bottles flying off the shelves.

Shortly after it’s release, author of “Whisky Bible,” Jim Murray, named Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye, the best whisky of 2015. Christine Bujolge is a┬áMedia Relations coordinator for LCBO and says since Murray’s honorable mention, sales for the product have spiked over 400%.

“One of our flagship stores in Toronto received a shipment [of about 400 bottles] and sold it out within the hour.”

While other experts have criticized Murray’s choice for the award,┬áBujolge says it’s just a matter of personal preference, “it’s a matter of taste. Most people who have tried it, really enjoy it, and it’s nice to see a domestic Canadian Product win such a prestigious award.”

She adds that she has never seen a product reach this kind of popularity in her time with the LCBO, “it was really like the Cabbage Patch Doll back in the 80’s, [but] for adult’s – very, very popular, everybody had to have it. It was the must have Christmas thing for adults, for 2015.”

XFM News spoke to a London location who says all local stores have been sold out since before Christmas; one store even sold nearly 400 bottles in one day.

She added that shipments can be expected tomorrow, January 5th, for anyone interested in testing out the product for themselves.

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