Technology, Progressive or Damaging?

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Innovation is necessary for both humans and technology to evolve and move forward.

Each year more technology is available to the general population. From the new Apple iPhone 6s to Assimo, the high functioning robot made by Honda, the possibilities appear to be endless.

But what if it has gone too far?

Using technological devices for long periods of time can damage attention span, cause digital eye strain, and give the user intense migraines.

Vicky Stevens of London Ont. is a clinical social worker at Bridges Counselling and Therapy.  Stevens says that to avoid hurting both the brain and the eyes, people must take breaks from their technology, “To consciously say, I’m only going to have X amount of hours on this technology.  And then to stick to that.”

She also insists that human behavior is greatly affected by isolation  so it is important to get off the devices and talk to one another.




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