New Years Resolutions take an academic turn

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The new year marks a fresh start for many London students.

New Years resolutions are a common annual tradition, and many Western and Fanshawe students are adding unconventional goals on their list.

For student Nate Edwards, his goal is to read more books. Nate, along with many other London students are focusing on resolutions that can help them academically, as well. According to him, “my New Year almost correlates with the beginning of the school year.”

According to Cheryl Mills, a student success facilitator, more students are leaning towards academic resolutions. Mills, who works for Fanshawe’s Learning Centre, adds that often students only need one thing to successfully accomplish these resolutions: an agenda or planner.

The Learning Centre at Fanshawe College


Phone and tablet applications like Wunderlist and Todoist are great digital platforms to keep organized, as well. According to Time Magazine, “enjoying life to the fullest” is the most popular resolution of 2016.

New Years Resolutions for Londoners

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