London parking changes set for 2016

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

 Parking has been an issue for longer than most Londoners can remember; with authorized parking or parking meters on almost every block. After several complaints, the new year will bring change and organization to this parking dilemma.

Councilor of Ward 14, Jared Zaifman explains two parking solutions for the city; parking permits and overnight parking passes in which citizens receive a certain number of credits to park on the road overnight.

Council believes that these will solve many of the city parking issues, including in forcing parking laws and limiting parking tickets. Councilor of ward 6, Phil Squire notes “The one thing people hate more than anything; whether they’re out of town visitors or live in London, is if they have to park somewhere for a relatively short period of time, they go away for five or ten minutes and they get a ticket.” Squire goes on to say that that the new parking plan will limit these occurrences and benefit both Londoners and authorities .

Zaifman states that council will approve the final parking plan by April, followed by the creation of the system starting from late fall to early winter.

Parking changes set for 2016

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