David Bowie’s impact on the world and Londoners

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David Bowie’s death shocked the world when it was announced on his Facebook page.

Fan comments poured onto the page of sadness and support.


Londoners also felt the shock and say he will be missed.

Susan says, “I was like oh he’s gone? Really! It was strange because I didn’t think he was sick.”

Western Student Keeman says, “We are really sad that he’s gone. It seemed like he’d live on forever, just because he’s been around for so long, and you’ve seen him through so many of his phases. It’s just like… It’s weird to think he’s actually gone. You’d just think he’d live forever.”

Many fans expressed their favourite songs and moments from the era of Ziggy Stardust to his concert here at Budweiser Gardens.

Susan says her favourite song is Space Odyssey, Fame and Golden Years.

Keeman says Heroes is her favourite.

Associate at Budweiser Gardens, Stephen Waat says he really liked the concert David Bowie played at the Budweiser Gardens.

And Jacob thinks, “He really looked good with a lightning bolt on his face. I don’t think anyone else will.”

Many Londoners said they would give his new album, Blackstar, a listen. Though, some want to stick with the classics.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t appealed by the cover. It disturbed me, actually. I think I may in time, but I’m so hooked on his previous songs. I’m going to listen to those, more likely, than his new album,” says Susan.

And Keeman admits, “I’ll give it a go, of course, I always do.”
Bowie died in Manhattan, New York; two days after the release of his new album and his birthday.

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