Wine and Food Show gives future chefs a taste of industry expectations

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Seasonal soups, ice wine truffles, and appetizers will be served by culinary students from Fanshawe College. The School of Tourism Hospitality has attended the London Food and Wine Show for all 11 years it has been running.

Chef Patrick Hersey, the coordinator of the college’s chef training program, says the cooking demonstrations at the event prepare students for industry expectations.

“Gone are the days where they’re just hiding back in the kitchen,” he explains, “They’re expected to interact with the public and to be more aware of what they’re serving.”

Hersey adds the chefs are expected to create a comfortable atmosphere and prepare the food in front of the customer. He says one of the courses allows students to combine cooking with entertainment.

“They have to not only cook food, but they have to do so in front of people.”

The Wine and Food show will be at the Western Fair District from January 14-16.

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