Syrian refugee crisis rages on.

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

As Canada enters 2016 with open arm towards refugees, many of these new Canadians are making their way here to the forest city. With support from all levels of government, The cross cultural learners centre on Dundas is spearheading efforts here in London to help refugees find a new life here in Canada.

“They’re just people like us, yes they are refugees…but they are people, they have children” says Valerian Marochko, the executive director of cross cultural learner centre. He says that the recent deadline push from the federal government is not a surprise considering the total amount of refugees being admitted into Canada. “Canada has experience settling (large numbers) of refugees, so we know this can be done”

Marochko adds that its nice to see the city on London focused on global issues.

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