Secret agents are protecting their country to the best of their ability

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Secret agents are protecting their country to the best of their ability

They carry all those cool gizmos and gadgets, are very charming and protect their country from all types of danger. We all know the more famous spies: James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne, Johnny

Secret agents have been adapted in film and television since before World War I.

Harold Van Ameron is the owner and operator of a little technology shop in Woodstock known as ‘Gizmo Direct‘. The store sells all types of spyware and spy gear. Van Ameron says that they sell many gadgets that a spy would use, “Well a secret agent would use our HD spy wear, a spy watch that records both video and audio, spy pens and any cool remote controlled gadget that allows the user to literally spy on their enemies.”

Dr. Laurie Harnick is a huge fan and a film studies professor at King’s College and Western University and outlines a number of characteristics a secret agent would need.

“Well on T.V. or film, they would first need to be very attractive first of all and very charismatic so they can attract the opposite sex and it’s also their manners and their ability to fight,” says Harnick. “The tradition of the spy and of the secret agent goes back a long way.”

If you are doing a little spying around, make sure you follow the laws, or you’ll be behind bars and you’re villain won’t be.

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