“OVO & XO Appreciation Night”; Weeknd’s tour DJ comes to London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

KnowleDJ is a name if you do not already, you need to know. His past notable experiences include being the VIP Tour DJ for Beyonce and Jay Z’s On the Run Tour, and most recently being the tour DJ for the Weeknd. Other than that KnowleDJ describes himself as a “Life Enthusiast. Social Activist. Party Rocker Extraordinaire”.

This past week London was lucky enough to have KnowleDJ come to perform at OVO & XO Appreciation Night. For those who do not know OVO stands for “October’s Very Own” and is a brand created by singer, Drake. Similarly, XO is the Weeknd’s brand, together OVO & XO is a collaboration movement between the two artists from Toronto. The appreciation event at London Taphouse celebrated these two artists music along with other songs “416 Inspired”. Much of the music played by KnowleDJ was mashups from these artists songs with other famous songs such as hip-hop and rap from artists such as Notorious Big.

We had the opportunity to sit down with KnowleDJ before his show to get to know him and here about his experiences on tour.

Other than making music KnowleDJ told us that he is also a social activist. He feels like it is his duty to educate people on what is truly happening in places like Syria – as they events that unfolded made lots of people not wish to take in refugees and assist people in need.

Watch below to see some clips from the event at London Taphouse:

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