Campus Food

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Campus Food

The one thing Fanshawe students wish for on campus is a change in hours of operation. Late night studying is common for a college campus, but late night food places on Fanshawe’s campus is limited to one place.

As far as the variety of food goes, Fanshawe has a ton of options. They also have meal plans for students living on residence that’s included in their tuition, giving students who live on campus access to all food places.

Weekend hours are even more restricting, having only one place that opens from 11am-2pm. This means that any student who stays up late, is part of a varsity team who practice late, or is at the school on weekends for studying is very limited for food.

Coffee is a typical morning ritual for a lot of Fanshawe students and no limit to where you can buy it, but what about other healthier options? Many students think a smoothie bar of some sort should be the next addition to Fanshawe’s wide variety of food.

Food on Campus

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