London Craft Brewery making a name for itself

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London Craft Brewery making a name for itself

Beer is a beverage of choice by many, and with a growing number of craft breweries, locals are enjoying more kinds of beer than before, and flavours only found at these breweries.

Toboggan Brewing Company opened its doors at the former Jim Bob Rays on Richmond Street this past spring and they are finding their stride.

Rick Doyle is an owning partner at Toboggan.

“I would say the history of Canada has grew up on ales, but for the last 20 years we mainly drank laggers and European pilsners. Now what you’re seeing is a resurgence back to ales with the craft breweries.”

Rick believes that Toboggan and other craft breweries are finding success because of their emphasis on the community.

“It gets back to local, employing local. It grows up in your community.”

Sam Smith is a brewer apprentice at Toboggan Brewing company. He praises craft breweries for being unique and distinct from mainstream beer companies.

“Diversity is where the trend is going right now. The craft beer market is going to enable a larger variety of what people can drink.”

Toboggan has a season winter wheat beer right now, only available on tap. In addition to the brewery, there is a beer store, and restaurant upstairs open daily. The restaurant, beer store, and brewery is located at 585 Richmond Street at the former Jim Bob Rays.





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