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Fashion is all around us. Even if you don’t care about it, everyone has their own style and their own fashion sense. Fashion is all about invention and creativity and being yourself. “I like fashion because it speaks to a lot of different people. IT can be a creative edge on somebody” said Victoria Petrusevski, who is a fashion merchandising student here in Fanshawe College.

Fashion can draw its influences from several different outlets like art, film and most commonly, music. Fashion and music have always go hand in hand, but you could make an argument that at no other time has music influenced fashion this much as in in the 21st century.  Rappers like Kanye West, Travis Scot and A$ap Rocky and the whole A$ap Mob have model and design clothes for high end fashion designer like Raf Simmons, Jill Saunders or for high end companies like Balmain or Dior.

This past year, Kanye West revealed a new line with sports brand Adidas. His Yeezy shoes gained a lot of media attention, and the fashion line itself has been seen with  positive eyes by the fashion community. “His stye is very edged, it’s kind of something you haven’t seen before and I like it. It’s clean and nice” said Petrusekvski, who also said she would like to see more musicians get involved in the fashion industry and try to dress better.”

Despite current designers like Raf Simmons or legendary designers like Gianni Versace, fashion is a very female mandated medium. Men rarely get a chance to show they can also be very talented and care about fashion. “There is absolutely a place for men in fashion. A lot of the most influential fashion designers have been male, and while women tend to dominate the industry, men definitely  have a place in it” said Petrusekvski, showing that it’s ok for men to care about what they wear, despite the old machismo that affects  men and fashion.

Channer’s is a living proof men can care about fashion. Located in London, it is one of the most commonly known  and oldest menswear stores in the Forest City. Sam is a fashion consultant and he tells us some of the basic pieces of clothing every men should have. “Well a navy blazer is a piece you definitely should have . A good pair of slacks in a dark charcoal or something that can be very versatile and lastly, every man should have a white shirt.” Fashion consultants can help you if you re trying to find a certain shirt that could go well with those pair of pants you have, if you need to start a new wardrobe from scratch, and everything in between.

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