Saying Yes to the Prom Dress

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Grade 12 students across the Forest City are rushing to find the perfect Prom dress.

While Prom itself is months away, January marks the beginning of Prom Dress Season, a nickname for a period of time dedicated to picking out a Prom dress.  The excitement and hype surrounding Prom dresses is often comparable to the event itself.

London boutique Elizabeth Noel is helping dress Grade 12 students for their special day. According to employee Julia Taylor, if a girl purchases a dress from them, the boutique will not sell the same dress to another student from the same high school.
“It’s a big thing, and it’s why people come back to Elizabeth Noel… for that loyalty,” Taylor adds.

This Elizabeth Noel Gown is over $1000

Grade 12 student Neve Hall believes that a lot of students spend way too much money on a dress they’ll only wear once. “There’s a lot of pressure to buy that expensive dress, and be unique,” Hall adds. She bought her dress last year, on impulse.

According to VISA’s 2014 Survey, Canadians spend over $800 on average for Prom related expenses. In the United States, that number is over $1000.

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