The Psychics hit London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The psychics travel back to the forest city for the London psychics expo, and this time gets even more of a successful reaction.

Taking place at Centennial hall this past weekend, the public was able to browse the expo and book a private mind reading, and if you have a psychic expo coupon you receive $2 off as well as a free crystal representing either creativity or initiative.

The expo has a variety of psychics of all different expertise including spiritual readers of different sorts and healers for the body and mind.

On top of all of the readings and healing, you are able to purchase a variety of different spiritual elements such as crystals and rocks, healing books, hair pieces, and pendants.

Paul Pacific runs a unique booth called the “Orgonic Transmuter” which is known for improving positive energy. Pacific creates and sells spiritual pendants and bracelets that he claims are beneficial to ones spiritual aura.

The psychics travel all around Ontario and visit London a couple of times a year. To find out more about the expo and where they’re heading next visit their website.

London Psychic Expo

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