Snow, smow: Dedicated Golfers Play Indoors

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Winter in London has been kind to golfers so far. With snow staying on the ground, dedicated golfers  still find ways to practice and improve their game.

For the adventurous, some golf courses will let you play on snow filled greens with  brightly coloured golf balls. However, other London-are golfers will take advantage of the incredible technology at indoor golf facilities, like the newly built Performance Golf London Centre just past Wonderland and Oxford.

Brian Gallant is Lead Coach at the new facility, where they use a technology called Flightscope. Brian says despite what some golfers might think, this technology is very accurate.

” It works with radar technology. It is very similar to missile technology and how they use to track a missile. It comes out of South Africa, and the neatest thing is inside, all you need is a dot on the ball and when you hit the golf ball the radar picks it up.”

With over 10 years of coaching experience, Brian thinks this technology is effective and easy to adjust to from a student’s perspective.  Regardless of your skill level, Brian believes that using an indoor facility equipped with golf radar, simulators and other technology can really improve your game. For more information about Performance Golf London, you can visit their site for updated information about opening dates and hours of operation.

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