Londonlicious satisfies appetite for local grub

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Londonlicious satisfies appetite for local grub

A food festival is sating the hunger for local grub at a fixed price.

Over 30 restaurants across Forest City are participating in Londonlicious, a unique festival that encourages new and seasoned customers to eat at local restaurants for set price increments between $15 and $40.

Until February 7, patrons can select their meal from a specially selected Londonlicious menu for lunch and dinner.

Zack Agathos owns Icarus Restobar, and it’s the second time the Greek cuisine restaurant is participating in Londonlicious.

“People love it because its a good way to attract new customers,” Agathos said. “A lot of people are used to going to the watering holes or the regular restaurants.. it’s a way for them to engage in new restaurants to kind of try new things.”

“London likes what it’s used to with a little twist on it”.

For a list of participating restaurants, check out the Londonlicious website here.

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