Health care records now available online

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Health care workers, such as therapists, doctors and nurses of Southwestern Ontario can now access patient records electronically. The initiative helps them access their patient’s information as soon as possible.

“Previously, they may have to wait until they get that information by fax, or by paper copy from the hospital. Now it’s available online to a secure portal,” says Toni Adey, the director for Connecting South West Ontario, “What that means for the patient is that the information is that physicians and nurses need at their care, they have that in their hand.

Adey says that an Ontario legislation makes it mandatory that only those who have permission to a patient’s health care records can only see it.

“There are regular audits being done on the solution to see who’s accessing what, and if they have approval and authority to access it.”

3.6 million health care records are available online.

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