Closing the gender wage gap within the 21st century

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Despite equal pay regulation, the gender wage gap in Ontario ranges anywhere from 12 per cent to 31 percent.  This is why Kathleen Wynne mandated that the Ministry of Labour attempt to close the wage gap within the context of the 21st century – thus the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee was born.

Linda Davis, an external adviser for the Ministry of Labor, explains why the gender wage gap should concern post-secondary students.

“Its because the gender  wage gap is very low when you first graduate, though there is one. And I think the one thing people don’t realize is that the higher the education the higher the gender wage gap. People tend to think its just the opposite.”

The steering committee is composed of fours members:

  • Linda Davis, Women’s Advocate & External Adviser
  • Dr. Parbudyal Singh, York University Professor & External Adviser
  • Emanuela Heyninck, Pay Equity Commissioner
  • Nancy Austin, Ministry of Labour Manager, Former Executive Director of the Ontario Human Rights Coalition

With such diverse representation, the coalition hopes to address the growing gender wage gap by investigating how government, business, labour and average Canadians can work together to close the gender wage gap.

Tonight, the Ministry of Labour and the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee is holding a public meeting at Central Public Library to hear Londoners on this important topic. For more information on the meeting please visit the Ministry of Labour’s website

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