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#Normalizebreastfeeding has been gaining a lot of traction on social media.

The idea is to raise awareness and acceptance for women breastfeeding in public.

Many celebrities have taken up the cause, like former star of Charmed Alyssa Milano, Supermodel Nicole Trunfio who was on the front cover of Elle Magazine breastfeeding her son, amongst many others…

Many controversial videos have been made to make the point that breastfeeding is natural and what breasts are for.

Doula at the Rebirth Wellness Centre Rebecca Robertson says, “When a woman is breastfeeding, she’s using her breasts for what they’re biologically and physiologically designed to do.”

Robertson explains breast milk as a tailored made substance for newborns that is needed for their development.

The breast milk carries nutrients and immunoglobulins to boost the baby’s immune system. Essentially, for every time a newborn feeds they’re literally becoming stronger.

However, breastfeeding is not just for nourishment. It is also a time for bonding.

Robertson says, “There’s a communication of hormones between a mom and a babe, when the baby’s breastfeeding. So, when a baby is latched onto a mother’s breast it releases hormones in the mom, which makes mom feel good… and those hormones the mom’s brain is releasing passes through the breastmilk to babe.”

She adds, the same thing happens to a baby while breastfeeding. Their brain releases hormones and tells the body they’re safe and loved. This also helps create neurological pathways.










Clearly breastfeeding is nothing but positive for both the newborn and mother, so why is there still conflict while doing it in public?

Students at Fanshawe College seem to be okay with it.

It is clear most students do not have an issue with public breastfeeding, though some (like the man shouting in the beginning of the video) do not agree.

All in all, no amount of stares or rude remarks will stop a mother from caring for her child. After all, wouldn’t you prefer a caring mother attending to her baby’s needs opposed to a screaming one?

What do you think about breastfeeding in public?
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