Local bands creating alternative venues

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Since the closure of the APK at the start of the year and the Blackshire Pub during the summer, local bands are finding it difficult to find venues that suit their needs.

Nate and Trish or Whatever were scheduled to play a show at the APK on January 22nd, but they didn’t let the news of it’s closure stop them from putting on a gig. Instead, they called on a group of friends who agreed to let them through a concert in their house.

This isn’t the first time the indie pop duo has had to get creative in finding a venue. For the EP release party back in October, they set up at Winks Eatery and rented out their own stage.

“There’s only like a handful of venues that are in spot that people want to go to,” said Nate and Trish or Whatever’s Trish Sawhney. “They have venues like East Side Grill and Roxbury which are awesome venues, amazing venues, they’re just so far to get people to come out to.”

Alex Foster-Roman of A-FOS and the Rude Youth performed alongside Nate and Trish or Whatever and Fun Fact, and said there is two ways to look at the semi-recent closures.

“Maybe there’s like a huge opening for a market, or maybe there’s a reason why there’s a huge opening for a market, because there isn’t. Other venues like Rum Runners and Call the Office kind of have a strangle hold and have a good brand for their venues that other smaller venues haven’t been able to secure”

As for the house show, Nate and Trish or Whatever posted on their Facebook event that the show was a success, and they’re looking forward to house show 2.0.

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