Return of the London Air Show has Fanshawe aviation student’s engines roaring

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Return of the London Air Show has Fanshawe aviation student's engines roaring

The London Air Show will be taking off from the run away this upcoming fall.

After 12 years of being grounded, the planes are ready to take to the sky. London Mayor Matt Brown announced the return of the famous air show for the weekend of September 17th and 18th.

Fanshawe College is one of the title sponsors of the show. The aviation program at Fanshawe has their students are working endlessly fixing small planes so they can be airborne again.

First year Aviation student Connor Catanero says that the return of the show will take Fanshawe’s aviation┬áprograms to the sky, “It’s huge for us, so huge.”

“With all the planes here in the hanger, people are going to be able to have a tour before the show here, and see everything that we are working on and get in contact with all the planes here and see how they work.”

Fanshawe’s aviation programs will also be working on the planes that will be flying in the air show.

“We’re going to making sure everything is set up, making sure that the run ways will be clear and clean and then fixing up the facility so everyone will be ready for the show,” says Catanero. “As far as preparation goes, we’re going to ensure everything is prepared behind the scenes and make it all clear so not only spectators enjoy the show but so do we.”

Tickets can be purchased on their website and you can also find more information about the show.

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