Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment naturally heals

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment naturally heals

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments have been around for many years but aren’t as common in Canada compared to the United States.

With only 12 hyperbaric oxygen treatment centres in ontario these treatments seem to be more unknown than known about.

The Judy Dan wound care treatment centre based in Toronto naturally heals anything to Decompression Sickness to Diabetic wounds to Skin Flaps or Grafts that aren’t working.

Treatments at the facility can last as long as to hours daily for as long as it takes for the wound to heal.

Medical director and Hyperbaric Physician, Dr. Ron Linden, says “Sometimes this is the last resort for diabetics who have wounds which are unable to heal naturally.” Dr. Linden adds ” If the treatment doesn’t work the next step is to amputate.”

The Judy Dan wound care treatment centre has 6 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers and  is Privately owned.

Dr. Ron Linden says ” Diabetic wounds are very complicated to treat, the most serious wound is a blockage of the arteries and the capillaries which are the vessels that bring blood to the tissues. the tissues lack blood, nutrients, and oxygen.” Dr. Linden adds ” the lack of oxygen that diabetic patients have can be crutial, if the patient gets a cut on their foot the cells that are supposed to help heal can’t function properly with the lack of oxygen.”

Dr. Linden recomends people who find a wound that wont heal within natual healing time to visit their family doctor.

To find out more you can visit the Judy Dan Wound care website here


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