dangers of fake Id’s

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Using a fake id is very popular in London due to the majority of students being under the legal drinking age when they first arrive at post secondary school.

Even though using a fake Id is very common, using it can actually bring serious consequences. One student at Fanshawe College, Kyle Stall, ran into a major problem when using a Fake Id. “I was using my brothers ID, He is 21 and I was 18, about to turn 19 in a few months. Basically, I gave the bouncer my ID and he asked me for a second piece, which I did not have. He immediately handed me over to the police and the police told me I would be charged with fraud, unless I could give back the ID to the rightful owner. Luckily my brother was there, so they saw me give it back to him, but I had no idea you can be charged for using one.” 

Bars around London have become very good at reading fake id’s and have caught on to all of the tricks younger people will do. People have been “scratching” their ID, which means changing their birthdate by scratching the number into another number. People have also been known to put a sticker over their birthdate, and putting an of age birthdate instead. Bouncers have caught onto this trick too, using a flashlight to detect if a sticker is on the ID.

The consequences of using a fake identification card could put charges onto your record permanently and is not worth the night out.

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