Go back to school and help a child go forward

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Go back to school and help a child go forward

From a young age, some students may be unsure of how to make friends, or struggling with their academics, and not know who to talk to.

This, and many other factors, can sometimes make kids want to start missing out on school; which is never a result anyone wants to see.

In School Mentoring, a program offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters, is proven to help kids stay in school, avoid behaviours that lead to bullying, and help them have a brighter outlook on their family, friends, and community.

Volunteers from all ages spend an hour a week with a student selected by teachers or family, to just talk, hangout, or help them with school work.

Public Relations Assistant for BBBS London, Chad Callander,  says a student may be recommended if a teacher thinks they just need a little extra attention.

“A student who could benefit from an older influence in their life, sometimes it comes from the parents,” he added, “we certainly don’t turn anyone away.”

One of the many positive outcomes of the program is that benefits can be seen by both the mentor and the ‘mentee’. For the younger student, the program provides a role model, promotes the importance of staying in school, and makes a positive difference in their life – all while having fun.

Statistics from their website state that 90% of mentors saw a happier change in their student and 88% of students showed improved literacy skills.


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