Social or Unsocial media?

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Social or Unsocial media?

A recent study posted by University of Oxford states that no matter how many friends you have on Facebook, only 14 of them are real close friends, and only 4 can be depended on in a time of need.

Many people, especially the younger generation, are obsessed with apps or websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because this is the technology they have grown up with.

To some, it is for fun to post pictures, but to others it is to make themselves look popular.

CTV Technology Analyst, Carmi Levy, believes popularity plays a huge role. “Many of us invest, huge amounts of time, effort, and energy to look bigger than we actually are,” he says, “There are some people who weren’t very popular in high school, college, or university, yet on social media they’re ‘superstars’, because they’ve figured out the tips and the tricks.”

Levy believes technology may be racing ahead of humanity, and if used properly, it could be used to an advantage.

“We’re constantly being introduced to new social media tools or new features within those apps. We’re actually really good at using those features…what we’re not so good at is understanding the implications of all those new features on our behaviours.”

Limiting your time on social media is very important, especially when out with friends or in class. It is important for you mentally and socially to focus on the world around you, and not the world in your hands.

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