Police launch investigation into missing 41-year old London woman

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Police launch investigation into missing 41-year old London woman

Police are concerned about the whereabouts of the missing 41-year old Shelly Desrochers.

The 41-year old has been missing exactly 1 month. Police received the missing report on January 21st from friends and family on January 21st. Police have just released their official missing person report yesterday.

Desrochers was supposed to access her bank account on January 29. Police say that her failure to access it is ‘unusual’.

Police say they’ve been investigating Desrochers’ disappearance since the original report on January 21.

Constable Sandasha Bough of the London Police force says that Desrochers’ failure to get into her bank account has raised some suspicion, “We have no evidence right now to lead us down one particular path, however she did not access that bank account on January 29th which was unexpected behavior. It has elevated our concern for her.”

“In 2015, we had 1,633 missing person reports, if we file all of these reports, we would have four or five missing people a day, and this would negate the value of posting the missing person reports,” says Constable Bough, “When we began this investigation, we passed it along to our missing person officer and we have been investigating ever since.”

If you spot Desrochers you are asked to immediately call London Police at 519-661-5710 or Crime Stoppers.

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