‘Global dominant’ Facebook kicks off new tool to celebrate birthday bash

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'Global dominant' Facebook kicks off new tool to celebrate birthday bash

The largest social media page has released its newest tool in honour of its 12th birthday.

With over 1.44 billion users from all over the world, ‘Facebook’ accumulates millions of posts, photos and messages every single day.

Facebook released their newest tool where online users can share a video of friends and families to everyone of who they interact with the most.

President and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook after he began writing code for a new website in January of 2004 in his Harvard University dormitory room. On February 4, 2004 he launched his website which was originally called ‘thefacebook’ and the rest is history.

Content manager and social media expert at Ontario SEO Services, Tasha DiLoreto says that Facebook will always be the biggest social media page ever, “People get to stay in touch with their friends and it’s a great resource. They use it to follow the news and different trends.”

Facebook will be launching a new tool called ‘Reaction’ later in the year in which the users can do more than just like a post. This new, unique program will allow users to use their emotions while using Facebook. People can ‘dislike’ photos and posts instead of always liking them.

“Facebook is always changing, it’s just another step towards being global dominant. It has so many different options and combines the best techniques. If you go on a trip, you want to show your photos with your friends. It’s so much easier to show them over the internet instead of having someone over to show the pictures,” says DiLoreto.

Zuckerburg is hoping that Facebook will have more than five billion users by 2030.


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