Police set to score a touchdown on impaired drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Police set to score a touchdown on impaired drivers on Super Bowl Sunday

One of the biggest sporting events on the planet is almost here and the London Police service will be out in full force to stop anyone who chooses to drink and drive.

Super Bowl Sunday is February 7th and the global phenomenon that is the Super Bowl has world wide coverage and many people hosting parties that include alcohol.

Last Super Bowl, London Police arrested and charged two people for impaired driving and that number also remains the same for the year before that, however police say that along with St. Patrick’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the days where tons of patrol is necessary.

“We know that everyone likes to celebrate and just like St. Patrick’s Day because alcohol consumption is up,” says traffic management officer Sergeant Amanda Pfeffer, “There’s city buses running for a long time after the Super Bowl, you have our taxis system to take advantage of and you can certainly call a family or friend to pick you up for sure as well.

Sergeant Pfeffer also says that having a designated driver is the best way to remain safe on the roads, “Whatever driver you designate yourself to get you home with, it is important to stick to that plan. I’d like to suggest that at least one of the people you go to party with remains sober so that they drive.”

Police add that if you choose to go out and drink and enjoy the game, then they ask that do not get behind the wheel at all. If you see anyone who you suspect has consumed alcohol and begins to get in car then police want you to immediately dialĀ 911.


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