Former council candidate proposes name change for the city

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Former council candidate proposes name change for the city

It might not happen for those of us living in and around Forest City, but for many others the name London brings up ideas of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and of course that British Accent.

“We are being completely overshadowed by another London that’s located in England which is much more superior in size, magnitude, and economic strengths,” says former council candidate and executive director of The London Institute Amir Farahi.

Farahi’s ultimate goal is not to change the name of the city, but to create a place branding strategy so London—or whatever it might be called in the future—can sell itself by sharing its key attributes, characteristics, and form its own identity to the rest of the world.

Farahi has had negative and positive feedback. He says some people feel he is personally attacking their heritage, while others are backing his idea.

He’s propsoing to change the name to New London because he says back in 1793 London was originally supposed to have this name, but he says he’s open to other ideas.

One council member isn’t a fan of the change.

“I don’t think we’re the new London. I think we’re our own London and we’ve been here a long time. I like us calling ourselves London and standing on our own two feet,” says Ward 6 Councilor Phil Squire.

Farahi will bring is idea to council on February 16th, but until then he’s telling everyone to think about  how we, as a city, can differentiate ourselves and become an inspiration for other cities.

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