Blackfriars bridge

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Blackfriars bridge

Every city carries it’s own personal piece of history. For London, a big part of that history is the Blackfriars Bridge.

The Blackfriars Bridge was constructed in 1875 and was originally meant for horse and buggy. The bridge spans the north branch of the Thames River and is the longest working span of it’s kind in North America.

The bridge was closed in 2013 to local traffic due to extensive repairs on the bridge. As of 2016, the bridge is still closed, pending an environmental assessment.

Judy McCardle has been living in the same neighbourhood as the bridge for the last 60 years. The bridge has become a part of her life and it truly is the apple to her eye. “Keep it a walking and bike bridge. Within the last 3 years the bridge has been closed, people have gotten used to having that freedom to cross over it,” says McCardle

City Councillor, Tanya Park, says that there are plans to talk about the bridge at the next city council meeting.

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