Brands Are Everywhere

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Brands Are Everywhere

We see Brands and Logo’s thousands of times everyday, Five thousand times on average to be exact. Niraj Duwar (pictured left) is a Marketing professor at the Ivey School Of business at Western and an expert in Branding and Brand Strategy. ┬áHe says that our favourite companies and brands got as big as they are, by repeated advertising and being in the public eye constantly.

These Brands that we know and love rise to the top, but to stay there sometimes need to change with the times. Take Barbie for example, just in the past few weeks, they have come out by saying they are making new dolls with different body types like Curvy and Petite. Some people online were criticizing the company for making these changes a lot later then they should have. Niraj says that for these massive brands to make changes like this, it takes them a long time, because they need to make sure that it matches the style and the demographic they want to hit with the product.

In Advertising, the pinnacle of marketing is the Super Bowl, this is because they will be able to hit over 100 Million eyes with one ad. The reason we only see the biggest brands and companies showing ads in the Super Bowl is because of the sheer cost of running one during the breaks. During yesterdays game, the average price for an ad that NBC charged companies to run one during the big game was over 4 million dollars for 30 seconds of air time.


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