Canadian Cancer Society launches Dry February

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Canadian Cancer Society launches Dry February

The Canadian Cancer Society wants people to be more aware of the connection between alcohol and cancer. Nancy McFadden, the community fundraising specialist for Elgin-Middlesex office, says that many people are unaware that alcohol can lead to cancer.

“Alcohol is one of the three leading causes of cancer deaths in Canada and worldwide,” she explains, “Last year, it was estimated that 10,700 cancer deaths were related to alcohol consumption.”

A glass of white wine, a glass of beer and a glass with red sourpuss

A serving of alcohol is about 5 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer and 1.5 oz of spirits

A recent report from the Canadian Cancer Society found that only 28% of those surveyed knew that alcohol consumption  is connected to an increased cancer risk.

After successful campaigns in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, the Canadian Cancer Society has launched its first Dry February. Participants collect donations for cancer research and awareness while going sober for a whole month. McFadden says about 700 Ontarians are registered for the event.

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