Snuggling Therapy has come to London!

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

London Snuggle Therapy is founded by Dan Oudshoorn. The goal of snuggle therapy sessions is to help those who are in need of non-sexual, physical touch. There are many people that are missing out on the closeness of another person, and are craving physical touch.

In each snuggling session, Dan will snuggle you, and you can cuddle however you like and however you are most comfortable. You can snuggle on the couch, in bed or in a pillow fort while watching television.

Dan’s goal is to help those who are not only emotionally hurting, but physically hurting as well.

Studies have proven that snuggling and physical touch have helped people with anxiety, get better sleep, and not feel alone. Snuggling releases endorphins that help you get rid of any harmful toxins in your body.

Dan says he came up with the idea after some of his friends were suffering from heart ache and mentioned how they missed physical touch. His kids also helped him with the idea.

“I have two kids and whenever they are hurt, I hug them and they feel better. Adults are just like kids, except we have hurt in our hearts.”

In order to set up a snuggle session, Dan meets with you in person in a public place to see whether or not you are comfortable with each other.

Dan says it is important to know that these sessions are strictly non-sexual.

More information about London Snuggle Therapy can be found on their website.

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