Little ways to help environment

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Little ways to help environment

Our environment is constantly changing, and we can actually see it changing right now. This winter is one of the warmest winters we have had in the past decade, and many people believe that this is due to climate change, which is caused by not taking care of our environment.

There are many little things people can do in their day to day lives to take care of our earth, and is much simpler than people realize. Environmental studies professor at Fanshawe College, Marie Lee Townsend, says that the little changes we make can go a long way. “Its baby steps, I think when people think they need to drastically change, it overwhelms them. You can turn your lights off after leaving a room, turn the water off when your brushing your teeth.” Townsend also says that biodegradable containers and water bottles are also necessary.  “I really don’t see why anyone would buy plastic water bottles anymore. Buy a non plastic one, that you can reuse and refill, and same goes for grocery bags. Buy a grocery bag that you can always use.”

Another way to help our environment is taking the time to learn about recycling. “Many people don’t even know how to recycle and don’t take the time to even learn about it. They just think that once its physically gone from their hands, its gone forever, and that is so not the case”.

Every little change goes a long way!

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