Dairy Farming gaining recognition in London

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Dairy Farming gaining recognition in London

London is celebrating dairy farming in the biggest possible way.

The ‘London Dairy Congress’ launched at the Western Fair last Thursday and Friday (February 4th and 5th). Agricultural Manager at the Western Fair District, Sharon Chamberlain says it was only a matter of time before dairy farming received awareness.

“We’re an agricultural based society and part of our Agricultural mandate is to ensure that we have as many Agricultural shows as possible. Dairy was part of the industry that we had not partaken in yet. The interest is there.”

Milking two or three times a day can make it challenging for farmers to find time to get away. Chamberlain says a trip to the Dairy Congress will be worthwhile for many years to come.

“The focus on this show is to promote the dairy industry. Any person that walks through the door will learn technology, innovation, and anything to do with a milk operation, feeding, nutrition, right down to the pharmaceutical.”

Supporting local milk will become more prevalent as talks continue to ensue between Canadian Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland and other world leaders over the possibility of Canada signing the Trade-Pacific Partnership. The Western Fair District has a strong track record of Agricultural shows, including their renowned ‘London Farm Show’ that happens every Spring. It is the largest Spring farm show in Eastern Canada and has been happening for 78 years.

The ‘London Dairy Congress’ is expected to happen on a yearly basis ┬áto inform farmers and members of the public on the status of the dairy industry.


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