Heavy snowfall hammers Southwestern Ontario

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Heavy snowfall hammers Southwestern Ontario

Overnight, the city of London Ont. was hit by a sudden onset of Canadian winter.

Most parts of the city decided to stay open Thursday; however, the Thames Valley District School board decided to cancel all school buses.

Snow squalls created poor road conditions Wednesday night on the 401, to the point where OPP blocked eastbound highway access between Ingersoll and Woodstock.

The trouble increased with a heavy layer of loose snow which blanketed the city streets by morning.  Cars could hardly stay on the road, with frequent traffic incidents slowing down the drive from one end of the city to the other.

Fanshawe Driving School instructor, Zafir, says the key to arriving safe and sound, lies in the drivers’ ability to stay calm, “You must slow down, and steer where you want to go.  Don’t hit the breaks.” he adds that should an accident occur, “you will be liable for what you did.”

Most vehicles are either RWD or FWD which means two of the wheels pull/ push the car forward and the other two follow.  In the case of traction loss, one end of the vehicle will likely swing.  But that does not mean there is a loss of control.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to correct a skid.

For pickup trucks, these conditions can be extremely dangerous.  By adding weight to an empty bed, better driving outcomes may be achieved, as the back wheels will be able to get more grip on the road.

The TVDSB website has the most accurate and up-to-date information on school and bus closures.


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