StaySafe App

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StaySafe App

Fanshawe College’s campus security strives to keep the campus safe with on the clock 24 hour service. However, there is now a new method to stay safe on campus, the StaySafe Fanshawe College app.

“The app is like having protection right in your pocket, and there are many features on there primarily for your safety. You can have an escort walk you to your car or bus stop, and even take a picture of suspicious behavior on campus.” says Constable Luke Edwards. “We wanted to make something that was free and easy for people to access us when were not exactly where they are”.

Rebecca Marie, a Fanshawe College student, has used the app herself in a uncomfortable situation. ” I was walking alone at night, and I am sure nothing would have happened, but there was a group of drunk guys in the parking lot. I used the app and had somebody escort me to where I needed to go. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

To download the StaySafe app, head over to the app store available on an iPhone, android, and blackberry.

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