Kanye West Finally Drops “The Life of Pablo”

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Kanye West Finally Drops "The Life of Pablo"

Kanye West released his 7th solo album “The Life of Pablo” yesterday in the very early morning, after he was finished his performances on Saturday Night Live.

He was supposed to release the album on Friday, the same day which he played the album for a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden (Pictured left ,Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Broadcasted in theatres across the globe for people to watch live and also streamed on TIDAL, which is a music streaming service now owned by Kanye’s friend Jay Z.

After cries from fans to release the album on Friday, it was never released. He then went to Twitter to say “It’s Chance’s fault the album not out yet… he really wanted Waves on that Bi*ch… we in the lab now…,” He is referring to Chance the Rapper who is on the album multiple times and was fighting with West to get the song “Waves” on the final version of The Life of Pablo.

The original version of the track list that West tweeted out 5 days ago was only supposed to carry 10 songs on it, but the final version that was sent out by Chance the Rapper had 18 songs on it, which including “WAVES”.

The release of the album was announced after Kanye’s performance on Saturday Night Live, where he had special guests Young Thug, The-Dream, Kelly price, Bari and El Debarge out to perform the song “Highlights” and a surprise second performance of the opening song off the album “Ultra Light Beam”. Where Kelly Price, The-Dream, Chance The Rapper, Kirk Franklin, and a full gospel choir accompanied Kanye.

He ended the performance by running around the stage saying that you can listen to the full album on TIDAL.

It should be available in the next week or so on other services like iTunes, if you choose not to buy a subscription to TIDAL.

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