Roosh V and Return of Kings

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Roosh V and Return of Kings

Daryush Valizadeh, also known as Roosh Valizadeh, Roosh V and Roosh Vorek (Pictured Left; Source Roosh V on Youtube) is an American blogger and former “pick-up artist”. He has become very infamous in the last number of months for his views and blog posts on his blog “Return Of Kings”.

The website is for men who preach Neo Masculinity which promotes gender roles, Roosh says that “While Women don’t belong in the home, they do a better job then men at nesting and raising a child. While men don’t belong in coal mines or on oil rigs, they do a better job at digging minerals from the earth and raising it above ground.”

Roosh and the Return of kings noticeably have a anti-feminism mindset, and are all over the fact that feminism is about women controlling the world we live in, and also plotting against men.I talked to Miranda Green-Barteet of the Faculty of Womens Studies and Feminist Research at Western University. She says this when asked why feminism is sometimes misunderstood;

“I think it’s useful to add that the mainstream media has mischaracterized feminism based on a few isolated events. I think many people mistakenly assume that feminism is about women hating men or about women wanting to be above men. It is, most simply, about equity. You’ll notice I’ve written equity, not equality. Equality is about making sure everyone has the same thing; equity is about fair distribution of what individuals need to give them the same access to things. ”

Why Roosh V might be the Most Hated man on Earth right now

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