London Convention Centre upgrading

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London Convention Centre upgrading

In 2017 Canada will celebrate the biggest birthday party ever. But 150 years since Confederation will also mean lots of changes.

The London Convention Centre is undergoing first floor renovations and Canada has announced it will contribute $715 000 to the project.

London Convention Centre Business Development Director Darrin Pollard says that this extra funding gives the expansion more freedom.

“The biggest thing is we have more flexibility of space, but there’s a lot of other features that we’ve added, assistance features will add some art that reflects the city. It’s already a great place to have a meeting or have a special event but now it will be even better.”

The first floor plans were initially expected to cost around  $4 million dollars, but they are now going to come in at around $5 million dollars.

Pollard says that the make up of the Convention Centre first floor will change dramatically.

“The first floor is where we used to have our offices, but we’ve moved them to the third floor so that we can have upscale functions down here in a more open environment, but it also has the flexibility to change into small board rooms.”

Renovations are on pace to be done by July, well before the Country Music Awards happening at the Centre in September.


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