African Art Collection highlights the best of the McIntosh

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The McIntosh is stepping out of the box, while staying in the bubble.

The John and Suzanne Kaufmann Collection of African Art is being featured at the McIntosh Gallery. The popular gallery is situated on Western University’s vast campus. The exhibition features one of the city’s largest collections of African art and craft work. The Kaufmann Collection was compiled by the Kaufmann’s during their stay in the continent. Many pieces were collected by them during their trips, while some were given down to them from Suzanne’s family.

According to curator Catherine Shaw, the collection was very personal and important to the Kaufmann family. “(The Kaufmann’s) wanted this collection to be shown somewhere open to all members of the public and community,” she says. Shaw explains, that as a University gallery, the McIntosh has a mission to be as welcoming and educational as it can be. The McIntosh is one of the oldest University galleries in Canada.

The collection features a variety of eclectic pieces, from masks and pottery, to fabric and ancestral figures. The work is meant to reflect the diversity in method and medium within African artwork by showcasing different African artists from over 30 different ethnic groups. John and Suzanne’s daughter, Michelle Kaufmann has been pivotal in the curation and display of the work.

An Ancestral Figure at the Exhibition


“We want to make sure (our exhibition) resonates with all kinds of members of our London community,” Shaw adds. She acknowledges the support she’s received from members of the community, who had never seen this style of artwork before.

The exhibition is accompanied by “Torn by Karin Jones,” another exhibition in the gallery. Both will be on display till March 12th, and remain free of cost to the public.



A Sneak Peak into the Kaufmann Collection at the McIntosh Gallery

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