Fanshawe’s Dental Hygiene students offering low cost services

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

If you’re in need of a checkup, but worried about the costs, Fanshawe’s Dental Hygiene program can help. The students are offering dental cleanings for about $40. There may be some additional services involved, but it will be under $60.

“Sometimes your insurance won’t cover everything,” says Bethany Weedmark, a graduating dental hygiene student, adding that the services will be covered by insurance.

She says that providing affordable services stresses the importance of taking care of your teeth. “Doctors and nurses and everyone kind of tend to avoid the oral cavity just cause they think it’s gross. So if they come to us, then it’s specialized, it’s custom for everybody and then everyone’s getting the knowledge and education about how to take care of your teeth and the difference between healthy and not healthy.”

The students also prepare themselves for the days where they will be working in dental offices. They complete 400 clinical placement hours, along with running dental education program for grade two students. They also help long term care residents brush their teeth and teach them about proper oral hygiene care.

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