How to prevent a house flood

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It will be about a month until we see spring. This means warmer temperatures, melting snow and possible flooding. Glenn Matthews, the housing mediation officer for Fanshawe College, says that floods don’t often happen to students, but it is possible.

“Especially where it’s an older house that’s been renovated and probably not intended to have bedrooms in the basement,” he explains, adding it’s more likely to happen to houses that are 50 years old or more than the newer models.

He says that if students are renting a house, to talk to their tenants about previous problems, and to watch out for stains on the walls. “That will be a sign. As much as flooding can be a problem at times, sewer backup is even worse.”

Matthews also suggests to add an extension on down spouts, keep melting snow away from foundation and to get insurance if you haven’t already.

“Your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover you, so if you lose personal items, you might want to look at what insurance covers you. A lot of students are covered by a parent or gaurdian’s policy while they’re away at school until age 25.”

He says that if a flood were to happen, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to solve any problems. If students feel that the problem is not being solved in a timely manner, they can contact the City of London’s Property Standards By-Law.

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