Are self driving cars a futuristic idea? Maybe, maybe not.

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Are self driving cars a futuristic idea? Maybe, maybe not.

Self Driving Cars are no longer an idea for the future. Self driving features are being included in new models of cars every day.

An Acura Salesman, Brandon John, says that although there is not a self driving car on the market right now, self driving features are included in the elite and tech 2016 models of Acura cars, including the ILX, which is featured in the video below.

Acura has features such as lane keep assist, which help the driver stay in their lane, without them having to hold onto the wheel. The driver must touch the wheel every 15-20 seconds in order for the car to continue to drive in the lane, without assistance from the driver.

There is also a light on the dashboard that will come on and beep if the driver needs to brake because the car in front of them is moving too slowly or has stopped suddenly. This feature cannot prevent accidents from happening, but gives the driver a warning when needed.

Another feature the 2016 Acura models have is called “blind spot”. This feature is on each side view mirror and a symbol of a car lights up to notify the driver that there is a vehicle in their blind spot and it is not safe to change lanes.

Although there are currently is no fully self driving car on the market, but there are cars like the Google Car and Tesla that are making steps in that direction.

Acura's Safety Features

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