Longest standing residence in London

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The Eldon House stands as London’s oldest residence.

Built in 1834 the Eldon House belonged to John and Amelia Harris until 1960.

Danielle Costello Heritage site coordinator at Eldon House says the family was known for having big gatherings and parties at their house.

After four generations the house was donated to the city of London by Milly Harris. The family not only donated the house to London, but also the 11 acres of land that it stood on which is now known as Harris Park.

The house was sold to London in 1959 and became a tourist attraction to the city in 1960.

Chris Campbell Director of culture and entertainment tourism in London says the Eldon House stands out from other tourist sites because of how unique it is to the city.

The house attracts all ages and has been successful to the city for over 50 years now and Costello says it will always be important to London.

It is London’s responsibility to now preserve and protect the Eldon House.

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Eldon House

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