What is therapeutic touch?

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What is therapeutic touch?

The rise of companies such as snuggle therapy makes people wonder about what’s the point behind that, and how does it work.

Dan Oudshoorn, owner of Snuggle Therapy London, said there is a scientific side to it. “[Snuggling] alters our brain chemistry which impacts our bodies.” sais Oudshoorn, “When we experience safe, consensual, platonic touch, we produce more ocytocine and dopamine, which are the responsable to make us happy and relaxed.”

Snuggle therapy is based in platonic touch. “It has to be no sexual,” said Oudshoorn, “because the point is to communicate that people is that they are a person with value, with beauty, with dignity. When touch is sexualized we tend to feel used for sexual gratification.”

Whit that in mind, he thinks snuggle therapy can fix a problem we often don’t see such as loneliness “It’s the loneliness that make us go back to abusive partners. To pimps that exploit us. To patterns of substance use that are physically killing us because there some fellowship there. There’s companion there.” He continued, “Here is a safe that can be a kinder space, and can be a gentler space, and safer space were we can leave everything a side and celebrate the beauty and the goodness of whoever is here.”

If cuddling with strangers is not your cup of tea, you can do as Chrystine Robinson.

This supporter of platonic touch has a close network of cuddle bodies. “One of the main things to do is that, we might be watching television, but we will do it curled up with each other. That way it’s just being warm, being there, and having an emotional and physical connection.”

Get to know her insides in the video below.

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