Safe driving tips for storm watch

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Safe driving tips for storm watch

March 1st has officially arrived and has brought the snow along with it. London is under a severe weather warning for Tuesday night and over into Wednesday evening. Since day to day life must continue, its important to know the right driving tips to make from point A to point B safely.

Operator of the Drivewise Driving program at Fanshawe College, Dennis Raymond, says that its important to know how to drive in conditions like today. “Anybody who lives in Ontario, and anywhere in Canada pretty much, should know how to properly drive for the winter season. It can be the difference between life and death for not only your life but others on the road.”

When driving in harsh conditions, many things can happen to make your drive difficult. “Blowing snow is a common condition and is when the most accidents tend to happen. It will affect your visibility and it will affect your traction, you have to go slow and you have to make sure you can stop in the distance that you see,” says Raymond. Another condition is icy roads, and is one that Raymond believes should make or break the decision to get in the car. “I always tell my students that snow we can drive in, but ice, stay home. If you must go, you need to drive very very slow and always leave a lot of leg room infront of you.”

Raymond adds that if you find yourself caught driving in the middle of a snowstorm, take it one step at a time. If you don’t feel comfortable, its better to be safe then sorry and  to call a loved one to assist you. To learn more safety driving tips in severe weather conditions, head over to 


Drivewise Storm Driving Tips

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