About 600 people attend 16th International Women’s Day Breakfast

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About 600 people attend 16th International Women's Day Breakfast

It was a full house at the London Convention Centre this morning. Hundreds of people started their day with live and silent auctions, door prizes and breakfast.The London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) has run the International Women’s Day Breakfast for 16 years.

Chief Leslee White-Eye of the Chippewas of the Thames was the keynote speaker. She spoke about strong families, and how they are necessary for the LAWC. She also spoke about spirit and free will, and how they apply to the organization.

“Every individual, every one of us are making choices daily that either support the lives of one another, or don’t. But we know that. Our teachings tell us that. We’re not perfect.”

Sarah Lehman has volunteered for the organization for four years. She said women should feel safe in their community and that they can access the services they need.

Purple clothing displayed on a table at the International Women's Day Breakfast

“I’ve heard a lot of personal stories and it just really pulls at the heartstrings. It’s just really important to know all the wonderful things that the centre is doing for the women in the community.”

She added the environment of the LAWC is inclusive. “It’s almost like being part of a second family. Anytime I go into the centre, I am welcomed with warm hugs and laughs. It’s just a really great place to be a part of.”

Nadine Reeves of Childreach has gone to the event for 10 years. She says she likes to hear the powerful stories told year after year. She heard the stories of Ashley and Stephanie Daubs, who were killed after their father crashed the car into a truck. Reeves also listened to a student who recounted her experience as a prostitute that experienced abuse.

“It’s just a good reminder of why we’re all here and why it’s an importance cause to support.”

International Women’s Day is on March 8, and celebrates all achievements of women around the world.

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